Journey to the Land of Shiva through the Jungian Lens: January 9-22, 2015

Ashok Bedi, M.D.

B.J. Jakala, PH.D.

From January 9-22 2015, a group of soul seekers will travel in India to experience the land of Shiva through Jungian lens of Analytical Psychology. This experience is sponsored by the New York Jung Foundation. For the next several days, the faculty member of the group, Jungian Analyst Ashok Bedi and a Depth Psychotherapist Dr. Robert J. Jakala will compose a daily blog of their reflections about the experience. Other group participants have been invited to contribute to the blog and may join us from time to time. We are glad to share our experiences and reflections. Enjoy!


Shiva (portrait) by ChristasVengel on DeviantArt

By B.J.Jakala

We drove to Auroville (City of Dawn) to visit the Matrimandir (Sanskrit for Temple of The Mother) a giant metallic sphere for practioners of Integral Yoga.  The experimental township is set in the countryside of Tamil Nadu, India. The enormous Banyan Tree, pictured above, grows in Auroville.

This tree provides a valuable life lesson.  It’s trunk it well planted and its branches extend outward from the core.  As they reach out into the world they send down roots to support and nurture their life.  The entire tree looks like a forest rather than a single tree.

My life reaches out in many directions much like that tree. It requires support and nutrition from the central source as well as being planted in the present. I benefit when I am grounded by what has been as well as being grounded in the moment. I can extend who I am when I have proper support. I can reach into the future me as I am being held by who I am.  

The source of my life, like that tree, is both visible and invisible. It is rich when I am connected, supported and nurtured in the moment and feel the freedom to show the world who I am. 

BJ Jakala, PhD is a participant in this year’s Journey to the Land of Shiva through the Jungians Lens led by Dr. Bedi.


Reflections by Ashok Bedi, M.D.


We focus on growth, on branches reaching out to the skies, on the flowers and fruits of our work, on the shade and the wood that comes from the tree of life, but often we pay little attention to replenishing out roots. As we grow, we must continually establish and replenish our connection with the ground via new roots. This “RE-ROOTING” may be accomplished via paying attention to our INTERIORITY, to paying attention to the inner soil of the Psyche. When we make room for Silence, Solitude, Studio time, Journaling, attention to our dreams, reflection on the hidden and deeper meaning of life events, the symbolic meaning of our experiences and reconnection with our cultural and archetypal heritage, we refuel and revive our outer life from its well source in the unconscious. We are traveling as a group in India to reflect on the deeper meaning and purpose of our lives, supported by the rich archetypal guidance of this ancient civilization. This is symbolized by the Holy Cross. Few days ago, we visited the Basilica of Saint Thomas and the place where he established the First Christian Church in India in 52 A.D. It was a moving experience. It helped us Reconnect with some of our Roots.




Join us often to share in our experiences and images as we engage the Mystery of Shiva in India with our Jungian peers.







He is a Jungian psychoanalyst and a board certified psychiatrist who is a member of the Royal College of Psychiatrists of Great Britain, a diplomat in Psychological Medicine at the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of England, and a Distinguished Life Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association. He is also Clinical Professor in Psychiatry at the Medical College of Wisconsin in Milwaukee, serves as president of the Carl G. Jung Institute of Chicago, and is in private practice in Milwaukee (


In addition, Dr. Bedi is the liaison for the International Association for Analytical Psychology (IAAP) for developing Jungian training programs in India, where he travels annually to teach, train, and consult with the Jungian Developing groups at several centers including those in Ahmedabad, Mumbai, and Bangalore. He leads the annual “A Jungian Encounter with the Soul of India” study group to several centers in India under the auspices of the New York Jung Foundation.


He is the Co-Founder of the USA India Jung Foundation ( The USA India Jung Foundation promotes educational and clinical activities in India and USA based on the principals of Carl Jung’s analytical psychology and Eastern spiritual and healing wisdom and traditions. It fosters clinical, medical, and educational exchange between professionals of the United States and India. These activities include educational activities directed both to professional and lay organizations in both countries to promote mental health education and prevention activities based on principals of analytical psychology and Eastern Spirituality. To support this – A 501(c)(3) Foundation and its charitable activities, kindly make your tax deductible contribution via the website:


Ashok Bedi’s fourth book, Crossing the Healing Zone: From Illness to Wellness, was published earlier this year by Ibis Press, a division of Nicolas-Hays, Inc. His previous books are Awaken the Slumbering Goddess: The Latent Code of the Hindu Goddess Archetypes (BookSurge, 2007), Retire Your Family Karma: Decode Your Family Pattern and Find Your Soul Path (Nicolas-Hays, Inc., 2003), and Path to the Soul (Samuel Weiser, Inc., 2000).


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Robert “BJ” Jakala, PhD


Graduated from Pacifica Graduate Institute in 2007 with a degree in Depth Psychology. He has been in private practice as a Marriage Family Therapist in Woodland Hills CA since 1987. He has taught courses on stress management and self-replenishment for health care professionals for over ten years at the Resnick Neuropsychiatric Hospital at UCLA. This is his fifth trip to India with Mindful Journeys with Dr. Bedi.








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Ashok Bedi, M.D.