ASHOK BEDI Profiles of the Self in Relationship and Over a Lifespan   July 19-20, 2024 Weekend Online Workshop with ASHOK BEDI Profiles of the Self in Relationship and Over a Lifespan Relationships are the soil in which the seed of the soul blossoms to its fullest potential. Our life journey begins in the matrix of relationships with the mother and father. It is enriched by friendships, ripens into an erotic relationship, then returns to the Self in old age and engages the transcendent in preparation for death, in uroboric conclusion of our journey to our celestial origins.   This weekend, we dive into these relationships and stages of life with Jungian psychoanalyst and a board-certified psychiatrist Ashok Bedi.   Throughout life, friendships can be mirrors to our soul. We will draw on Eastern spirituality, analytical psychology, and emerging neuroscience as valuable guidance in navigating these encounters. The Yoga Sutra, written by the sage Patanjali, crystallizes four types of relationships. Psychoanalyst Heinz Kohut proposes three modes of friendship. Together, we will explore these tales of tangled souls, asking: What are the rules of engagement? Is your enemy your most precious friendship?   The relationship of marriage becomes the matrix of projections and reintegration for the Soul. When we work through and withdraw these projections, how do we experience the other? The tale of Krishna and his 16,000 lovers, from the Hindu Bhagwad Purana, is instructive to address this mystery.   Eventually we arrive at old age, where we ask, what do we hold and what do we fold? How to triage the priorities in aging? Is there life after death? We will explore this issue based on recent research, including Atul Gawande’s thesis “On Being Mortal.” As death is certain for everyone, how do we prepare for death and […]