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By – © Ashok Bedi, M.D.
Psychiatrist & Jungian Psychoanalyst

 Rani Ki Vav- Looking out from in the Step well to the Outside

 Generally we tend to look in from outside in. However, in this ancient structure in Gujarat India during a recent visit, it was a unique experience looking out from within!

 Reflections of the Image by Ashok Bedi
All spiritual traditions counsel us to look within ourselves. They counsel us to look with our Ego’s eyes; from our outer consciousness into our Soul; or the deeper center of consciousness to get a consultation from our Soul – our deeper consciousness about the daily affairs and concerns of our existence; a sort of horizontal to a vertical perspective. However, I wondered, how would we characterize our life story if looked at our outer life with our soul eyes. Would our soul see any pattern, purpose and meaning in our life. Would our soul see us as wandering aimlessly or pursuing a deeper rhythm? Might we make some time daily to reflect our outer, routine life with the timeless and transcendent lens. How will we evaluate our life then? Are we leading a thrill seeking life attending to our daily concerns or are we attending to our personal best potentials and putting these in service of our family, our community and higher good? Such is a definition of a purpose driven or Dharmic life. (Bedi, 2000)


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