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The Guide – January 30, 2016

The Guide


 About this image – BJ Jakala

 Our guide through the old quarters of Ahmedabad was a valuable source of historical knowledge. As we came to places of importance he explained the blatant and subtle characteristics; past, present, and yet to come.
This two-hour tour impressed the value of having an inner guide, a trustworthy and knowledgeable part to escort me through life: a source to encourage living fully in the moment yet holding the value of my past, and the direction of my future; a multi-dimensional compass for life.
The craftsmanship of the artisans created so much lasting beauty in this temple. Their devotion to the image is beyond words, leaving the me speechless except for an occasional “wow”.
CONTEXT: Inner city tour of Ahmedabad through the House of MG. Mr. Saiyed Badoudin, our incredibly valuable and knowledgeable guide, is writing a book about the tour sites. He is a proud, yet humble man who opened our eyes to the treasures of this part of the city. His email:

About this image – Ashok Bedi
While we live in the present zone of consciousness, our soul is the inner guide that archives the history of our ancestral wisdom and the seeds of our emergent potentials to fulfill our program or destiny in this lifetime. Each one of us has at least 2 million years’ worth of archetypal history stored in our limbic brain that we can Google and access via our dreams and creative products (Art, painting, writing etc.) our complexes, our medical and psychiatric problems, our relationship tangles, our accidents and synchronistic events. We can access this archetypal guidance via our inner work and deploy this to claim our teleos or destiny- our Dharma […]

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The Prayer of the Shadow January 29th, 2016

 About this image – BJ Jakala

 A feeling of deep meditation and prayer dominates the moment. At first, I am lost to the surroundings of the mihrab and mosque as I witness a man in contact with his soul and source. The reflective stillness emanates a gentle peacefulness and deep connection to the eternal. I am filled with a sense of humility and wonder of how many knees have been placed on the floor over the past four to five hundred years.
As I notice the man’s shadow, and imagine he is unaware of it as he prays. It is as though there are two who are praying. I am curious about the prayers of the shadow.
The window on the far left is radiant and is a source of light. I imagine that just beyond the wall the man faces is the source he seeks. Yet, the wall itself is ornamented with beauty of its own. It acts as a barrier and as a facilitator of the creative artistry of a divine source. It holds him in place and enables the connection he desires.


 About this image – Ashok Bedi
A prayer is communication with the divine. We pray through our consciousness. However, it the presence of the sacred, not just our light but our shadow is also present. Those who are connected with the sense of the sacred unwittingly put their shadow in service of the divine along with their light. The totality of the psyche is in communion with the sacred. Often it is not via our light but through the shadow that we serve the sacred. When we put our light and potential in service of the society we do good work […]

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