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Live Online! Weeklong Seminar Transformation and the Power of the Imagination January 10–15, 2021

January 10, 2021

About the Weeklong Seminar

Jung Mandala from the Red BookTransformation and the Power of the Imagination

January 10-15, 2021

All the works of man have their origin in creative imagination.
—C.G. Jung

In some cultures, imagination is seen as a creative act parallel to the creation of the universe. Poets, artists, composers, writers, thinkers, and others share their vision—inviting us to enter the world of the imaginal, expand our consciousness, and find our own inspiration. Thus, the imagination can show us the way, give us inspiration and hope, and open us to the possibilities that abound. Transforming the imaginal into reality is an alchemical process that can be a catalyst for creativity and individuation.

This past year has tested all of us in ways we weren’t prepared for. The Coronavirus has given rise to fear of illness or death, mental health challenges, economic hardship, racial unrest, political divisiveness and a great disruption of our personal and professional lives. We have endured being separated from loved ones and community—but most of all, we have been in a constant state of ambiguity and uncertainty.

Many of the world’s greatest philosophers, creative artists, writers, and thinkers turned out their most important works during times of social and economic disruption, turmoil and stress. The psychiatrist Gerald Epstein writes that it is necessary to endure stressful and fearful situations as they are part of the Individuation process—not unlike rites of initiation. But how do we persevere when everything feels chaotic in this state of liminality? How do we keep heart, psyche, and soul alive?

Jung’s ideas supply no easy answers, but they can help us reframe our questions and change our perspective. From a Jungian perspective, dropping into an imaginal space through reflection, meditation, active imagination, creative expression, dreams, music, and more can help us cope and show us the way forward. Through the imagination, we can encourage something new as a result of holding the tension of our times. We can find the insights and energy to move forward and guide us toward transformation and a new narrative filled with hope and potential for ourselves and the planet.

With presentations by an outstanding, internationally recognized faculty of analysts and authors, these challenges will be the focus of the New York Center for Jungian Studies Winter Seminar. We invite you to join us for our weeklong seminar, or a special weekend presentation on Alchemy… or both.


Those who have attended our programs know how carefully we prepare the daily schedules and itineraries to provide a valuable and enriching experience. This winter, our live online format, via Zoom, will provide the opportunity to hear from a notable and outstanding faculty. We are confident that participants will find the material meaningful and personally enriching.



January 10, 2021